The only limits are the ones you create with your mind.

Applied mental game coaching

The mental game is usually the most overlooked aspect of sport. Through the hands-on approach to mental training of Champion’s Edge, I can help you learn and develop winning mental techniques such as goal-setting, relaxation, concentration, and positive self-talk to help you master, and more importantly, enjoy your game.

Sport counseling

Athletes need to manage a healthy “sport-life” balance given the demands and pressure of a sporting life. With my extensive experience in sport AND counseling, I can help you manage and integrate your sport with your personal life through in-depth sport counseling sessions.

Edge Integration

Champion’s Edge takes pride in being able to integrate the mental game training of athletes with their personal lives.  Sessions are in-depth, hands-on and practical. From one-on-one sport counseling sessions to mental game training in actual practice venues, I combine different strategies of learning to ensure a deeper understanding, appreciation, and application of sport psychology principles in the lives of the athletes I work with.

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Each athlete is unique – that’s why Champion’s Edge makes sure that this uniqueness is respected, accepted, and celebrated.

All mental game programs and gameplans are customized to the specific and unique needs of the individual athletes and teams.

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