• Champion’s Edge “Plays It Right”

    I recently started contributing to Play It Right, a golf community which “…connect(s) Pinoygolfers wherever they are, to foster a spirit of friendship and camaraderie, to inform, entertain and to promote the Spirit of the Game.” In my first article, I share some thought-stopping te...
  • The Edge Takes On Covid-19

    I recently created a video as part of Inspire Sports Academy’s Learning Series on how athletes and high-performance individuals can psychologically cope with the present pandemic and get ready for the “new normal.” Since it was my first time to do a solo “online video,”...
  • Mental Focus: Clubfitting Your Brain Process

    I just realized I never got to put this up here. Here’s my Inquirer Golf article (Issue 11, February 2017) which was published through the “Southern View” column of one of their regular writers, Atty. Jovi Neri. Here’s the downloadable pdf: Mental Focus- Clubfitting Your Brain Process Enjoy!
  • Sports Fitness Advisor: A Most Welcome Site for Sports Purists

    I just recently came across this really interesting website, Sports Fitness Advisor.  As we all have seen and experienced, the internet is filled with so many sports “experts” who give opinions, generalizations, and sometimes, just downright false information about fitness and training....