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Tam-building: Giving Back to FEU and Pitching In to Tamaraw Football

By Lee 0

The FEU athletics program will always be close to my heart because it was their athletics director, Mark Molina (whom I consider to be one of the best sports program builders and leaders in the country), who gave me my break into practicing sport psychology here in the Philippines by including me in the coaching staff of the 2010-2011 FEU men’s basketball team as their mental game coach.

And so when my good friend, Philippine football icon, and current FEU men’s football team head coach, Vince Santos reached out and requested me to help his team prepare for UAAP Football Season 85, there was no way I was saying “no.”

I ran a 2-day team building session for the Tams in the sprawling FEU Silang campus and I was very impressed by the players and coaches’ high level of participation and engagement in the various talks and activities.

As of this posting (which would be one match away from the end of the first round), these Tams had charged to the top of standings with a +8 goal differential and 11 total points. Here’s hoping the momentum continues all the way to the championship.

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