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Mental Game Coaching in Cardia Olympia

By Lee 0

So happy to let everyone know that I’ve joined up with Cardia Olympia – the country’s only full-service sports clinic.  Led by my friend, Dr. Chuck Cabuquit, his wife Dr. Cory, and long-time Star Hotshots strength and conditioning coach Nick Ocampo, the clinic provides total support to athletes of all levels (weekend warriors included!).

Dr. Chuck, a back specialist, handles the “ortho” side, Dr. Cory takes care of rehab, Coach Nick oversees strength and conditioning and physical therapy, while I cover sport psychology and mental game coaching. Cardia Olympia combines the latest in sport medicine technology and sport science practices within the context of holistic athlete development.

My consultation hours are every Tuesday (1:00pm – 4:00pm) and Friday (9:00am – 12:00pm).  We’re located within the Sparta sports compound, 126 Pioneer Avenue in Mandaluyong City.  See you there!

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