• Nothing Like The Real Thing

    You can read about boxing, watch all the classic fights on TV, go to a bar with friends to watch Pacquiao’s latest fight, or dump a lot of pay-per-view money – but in the end, when it comes to “the sweet science,” nothing beats the real thing. In a few hours or so, I’ll...
  • Calling more sport psychologists, please.

    Of all the sport sciences making noise in the field of Philippine sports, sport psychology seems to be the most muted.  Strength and conditioning and sports nutrition have become more familiar in the country’s sporting circles, while sport psychology continues to be a mystery.  In my opinion,...
  • Why the UFL is a legitimate “big” thing

    After watching a couple of United Football League (UFL) games the past two weeks, I can’t help but marvel at how important this league is not just for Philippine football, but for Pinoy sports fans as well. You see, countries with professional football leagues are usually the ones with world-r...
  • Regaining Your Team’s Focus

    Picture this: your team is playing superbly for the first quarter of the game. Your players are moving the ball around smoothly, executing your offense flawlessly, clamping down on defense, and completely dominating your opponents. You even hit a basket at the buzzer ending the first quarter. Your t...