• Shout-outs and sport science

    Just wanted to change the pace a bit and make a shout-out to my friend and fellow sport science hardcore advocate, Coach Pio Solon.  I read his interview at philboxing.com with Ronnie Nathanielsz and was pleasantly surprised with his mention of sport psychology. He’s the force behind the stren...
  • Breathe

    Most sports are about the proper execution of bodily movement.  The irony here is that for athletes to optimally execute a particular sporting movement, they have to be relaxed during the actual movement (or in some sports like weightlifting, a split-second right before the action).  I say it’s iron...
  • Enter the Dragon Boats

    It’s been a few weeks since the Dragon Boat brouhaha that has caused a lot of mudslinging from the dragon boat group and the POC/PSC. Here’s my take: I feel for the all the dragon boat people — from the paddlers all the way to the mussels that the paddlers ate before going on that...
  • A crash course in Sport Psychology

    I first encountered sport psychology as a senior in college.  I was wrapping up my undergraduate studies in psychology that time and was hoping that the school would offer a sport-related class so I could use my last elective on a topic that I was truly interested in.  When a friend of mine told me...