• Secrets Of Asian Sport Psychology

    I finally get back to posting after almost two years! And what a way to come back — by promoting the highly interesting book, Secrets Of Asian Sport Psychology, which came out early last year. This is a compilation by fellow sport psychologists in the Asian-South Pacific region on the applicat...
  • Second Wind and Sport Psychology

    A few weeks ago, my good friend Hector Yuzon invited me to give a talk on mental preparation and sport psychology for a lot of his runner/cyclist/triathlete friends. Hector is one of the owners of Second Wind Running Store – one of the country’s first-ever running-only store concepts.  W...
  • Nothing Like The Real Thing

    You can read about boxing, watch all the classic fights on TV, go to a bar with friends to watch Pacquiao’s latest fight, or dump a lot of pay-per-view money – but in the end, when it comes to “the sweet science,” nothing beats the real thing. In a few hours or so, I’ll...
  • Calling more sport psychologists, please.

    Of all the sport sciences making noise in the field of Philippine sports, sport psychology seems to be the most muted.  Strength and conditioning and sports nutrition have become more familiar in the country’s sporting circles, while sport psychology continues to be a mystery.  In my opinion,...